Social Media and Movies Mix on

Wednesday's launch of by Zack James, 27 is an "unprecedented move" by the studios to allow free movie content.

Lauren A.E. Schucker of The Wall Street Journal writes, "Users of the site...can find clips from more than 1,200 films, ranging from classics like "The Wizard of Oz" to the latest "Twilight" sequel. The Movieclips site allows fans to rent or purchase films from retailers after browsing clips; it also offers ways to share clips on social networking sites like Twitter or Facebook...In a rare move, all six major Hollywood studios, including Viacom Inc.'s Paramount Pictures and Time Warner Inc.'s Warner Bros., have agreed to license content to the site, perhaps hoping to boost DVD sales by sharing promotional content like clips."

Site Brings Movies to Social Media

Do you think has the strength to compete with other video sharing sites?


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