Social Media Today Web Seminar: Adding Value with Online Community: How to Leverage Community for Fun & Profit

Adding Value with Online Community: How to Leverage Community for Fun & Profit
Webinar December 18, 1 PM ET / 10 AM PT

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In the last two years, the business discussion around online community has evolved from “whether” to “how” and “for what purpose.” No longer regarded as peripheral to communications and marketing strategy, it is seen as core to development of brand, product, and positive customer experience.

The issues arising around online community are now more specific, and reflect the tremendous growth in understanding of communities and the value derived from them. Companies and organizations are creating or sponsoring communities of purpose everywhere on the web. They can be long-lasting, or intended to convene only for a single specific purpose. They are built and exist on many platforms, offered by a growing variety of vendors.

The measures of success also vary, but there is also an evolving set of “best practices” honed by leading researchers like Beeline Labs in its work with Deloitte. Increasingly, marketers are beginning to establish compelling case studies demonstrating significant ROI around communities for reducing costs, generating leads, and plain-old product sales.

In cooperation with Social Media Group, the leading boutique advertising agency for social media, Social Media Today is proud to present a live interactive webcast to explore these developments, the third in its series of discussions about the real events in the world of social media.

This webinar is also an opportunity to introduce you to our new online community, The Social Customer, which is devoted to the discussion of this important topic and other aspects of customer service today. By registering for this webinar, you'll automatically become a member of The Social Customer community.

We plan on delving into the following issues, as well as responding live to audience questions:

  • What are the various types of community and what are some of their reasons for being?
  • What makes an online community work?
  • How do you measure success? Operationally? Bottom-line?
  • What are the ways that communities fail?
  • What are the best platforms and technologies available?
  • How should you budget for costs?
Social Media Panel of Experts:
Maggie Fox (@maggiefox)
Rachel Happe (@rhappe)
Neil Beam
Francois Gossieaux

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