Recent Study Shows Phishing on Facebook has Increased

A recent study conducted by the internet security company Sophos has some shocking details as highlighted by this post on ReadWriteWeb. In the study Sophos created fake accounts to see how the majority of people acted towards friend requests and how much information is made publicly available by its users. Here are the results of Facebook users that gave "Freddi" (the fake account) access to their personal information.

- 72% of respondents divulged at least one email address
- 84% of respondents listed their full date of birth
- 87% of respondents provided details about their education or workplace
- 78% of respondents listed their current address or location
- 23% of respondents listed their current phone number
- 26% of respondents provided their IM screen name

Will Facebook up its phishing policy to put an end to fake accounts?


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