Social Media Plans a Must for Businesses in '10

Vanessa DiMauro has a fascinating look at social media policies in her recent post on DiMauro warns that a social media policy should be implemented across an organization as soon as possible. This will arm the organization with a set of procedures and policies that can keep everyone on the same page with regard to corporate communication. DiMauro offers a few tips on what to consider when formulating at social media plan.

Some questions to consider when formulating a plan:
What is your company culture like? Make sure that the social media policy reinforces company culture - an informal organization will have a different policy than, say, a government agency.

How do you want the employees to engage with clients and prospects? Take into account the in-person sales and marketing channel strategy and align the social media policy to those best practices.

What is considered confidential to your organization? Spell out what hind of information can and can't be shared publicly.

How should staff represent them selves to others? Standardize or provide guidelines so that there is an evenness to your online footprint. Should all sales staff, for example, use a similar moniker in their twitter name or is it up to the person to decide?

What does transparency mean to your company? Too often people confuse personal opinion with company-representation. Can a staff of your organization share displeasure with the company's product or services online without disclosing she work for your company?

For more information on creating a social media plan, we encourage you to check our DiMauro's post in its entirety.

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