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Liz Harvey, Sr. Director, Online Products, Career Builder presents a case study today on, Career Builder's job search online community. In 2007, Career Builder had heard about how job seekers were using other social networks to advance their careers and Career Builder saw an opportunity to make a new product within the social media space - creating in 2008. It is a talent community, serving as a place for people to interact and communicate with others in similar fields. Now at over 2.5 million users, the talent community allows users to not only connect with others, but to showcase their skills, experience recommendations and portfolio. Career Builder walked away from the brand to create Bright Fuse so that they could gain members who didn't necessarily need a new job - by doing so, employees could connect with their bosses to expand their network, while keeping their current job.

By focusing on community and building relationships, BrightFuse utilizes the power of groups to further connect with others, not just on a career level. One of the most successful groups that has launched has been the Profile Critique group. It's purpose is to help users create awesome profiles and aid in their personal branding campaigns. Originally starting with one moderator, the team at BrightFuse quickly turned to the group to self-moderate and it's proven to be a success. BrightFuse also suggests related groups to their members, this not only increases group membership but it increases returns to the site by members.

Another component of BrightFuse is the implementation of the dialogue box sign-up and profile completion tool. By switching from a static form, BrightFuse saw 20%+ increase in profile completion by their members. BrightFuse also saw an increase in registration by adding in photos and testimonials of actual members alongside the sign-up form.

Moving forward, BrightFuse is looking to gain new members and to increase the engagement with its members.


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