The Kenny Rogers Rule

Kellie Parker of SEGA (who we’ve heard from earlier) did a short and sweet presentation on managing multiple brands, and then turned the conversation to the audience. The great part about Kellie’s presentation fits into what we heard in this morning’s keynote: leadership is moving away from network model to cross-functional teams.

Here are a few of Kellie’s suggestions on how to bring order to chaos:

Specialization. Each team has a brand specialist—someone who deeply understands the brand and can instantly tell if something is going to work or not. Each team also has a specialist in terms of tools.

Automation and flow. Create a process to your flow of content. Sega uses the blog as the main source of information, and then links back to Facebook, etc. But only use the tools that work for you, and makes the most sense.

Kenny Rogers. Know when to hold ‘em/fold ‘em. Sega consolidated their many forums into Close into one with different channels. They found that members started clicking around in places that they wouldn’t have gone before.


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