Guest Post: Virtual meets IRL, again…Social Media 2.0 / #socialc20

Below is a special post from one of our 2010 attendees of Social Media & Community 2.0 Strategies. For more information on the event, please click here.

The presentations at this conference were, IMHO, fantastic. The presenters were all very frank and pretty open in terms of sharing experiences – both successful and the kind one learns from. Everything was discussed from blogging to Facebook to Twitter to Foursquare, and beyond.

This conference was also unique in that we had a “mingling”, almost “speed-dating” session with other conference attendees. The art of being social and responding in a stream-of-consciousness. It was during these conversations that I met the people I would end up speaking with most (even having dinner with!). Although, the use of the #socialc20 hashtag also linked me with some folks I would later meet IRL, as they know me as @kerbehr, and I knew them by their Twitter handles.

There was no shortage of interesting content and hearing from brands that we all know all too well: McDonald’s, Coca-Cola, Sega, Intuit/Turbo Tax, NHL, Chicago Bulls, Scholastic Books, Washington Capitals, Pepsico, Wells Fargo…the list goes on! We also got sneak peaks into @charleneli’s new book “Open Leadership” and @jbernoff’s new book “Empowered”. I’m looking forward to reading both, Charlene’s comes out this month, and Josh’s sometime in September.

So, in the course of two days, I feel like I made some solid contacts, met some tremendous people, and hopefully, have some interesting things lined up for work. I also got to drink LOTS of bottled water (contaminated water situation in Boston) and was evacuated during a panel discussion Wednesday morning (I heard it was a broken pipe), so it wasn’t just the presentations that were interesting during this trip!

Some quotables (in no particular order):

“ If people get what they expect from your prod. they don’t talk. Your prod needs to exceed expectations.” - David Witt, Gen. Mills.

“No one social app is big enough to drive major sales, but they help us to engage.” – Bonin Bough, Pepsico

“‘Social networks will be like air” It’s everywhere. It’s a natural state of being. – Charlene Li

“We tend to overvalue what we can measure, and undervalue the things we cannot” – John Hayes, AmEx, via Charlene Li

“I love any application where you can make money & pay people with love” – Josh Bernoff

“Access creates content, content creates traffic” – Jeremy Thum, Chicago Bulls.

“If someone talks about you negatively, its probably better that they do it in your house.” - @stevealter.

“”If you don’t build it, they will come anyway. If you build it, but don’t know why, they will come once…and never come back again” – Steve Alter

“ The fastest way to not be a faceless corporation is to not be one. Put personality into your soc med efforts” – Kellie Parker


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