Social Media & Community 2.0 2010 Wrap-Up

Thank you to all who joined us and all who followed our coverage during this year's event. We surpassed our already high expectations for this year with the amazing keynotes, speakers, sponsors and attendees. We hope that you found our coverage useful as we work to continuously bring you information to spur conversation and discussion with your peers.

To continue the discussions well into 2010, we encourage everyone to join the Social Media and Community 2.0 Strategies LinkedIn Group. Join other brand community advocates, community pros and social media professionals in this exclusive group. For those of you already in the group, let's start discussing many of the topics featured at the conference and consider new ones as we enter this new decade.

Our ongoing coverage of industry news and professional posts from across the social media spectrum doesn't end with the conference. Keep up with the latest news by subscribing to daily updates right here on our blog.

If you are interested in being a guest blogger for Community 2.0 please contact Melissa Sundaram at We'd love to have your input!


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