The Importance of Creating A Social Voice

Troy Janisch, American Family Insurance stresses the importance of letting your social voice veer from your brand voice.

He defines their brand voice as:
  • Singular
  • Anonymous
  • Consistent, Professional
  • Company Voice
  • Used Everywhere Consistently
Their social voice is:
  • Multiple voices (defined by their agents and employees)
  • Authentic
  • Transparent
  • Conversational
  • Voice of real people so people can let their personality come through
  • Varies by topic, channel
A social voice delivers the brand messages but in a way that is more genuine and authentic. The social voice impacts how those messages are expressed and should evolve based on the conversation at hand.

However, you shouldn't put the conversations in motion and not listen. AFI monitors all conversations, but gives their employees and agents the freedom to converse with the community (they have 1,300 on FB alone). Doing so helps AFI become part of the community even when that community exists online.

Andrew Abend

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