Final Chance to Save $700 on SIA 2012 - Register by Friday

It's finally here - The Shopper Insights in Action 2012 brochure is now available for download.

The 2012 agenda is designed to be holistic and it is clear that this is the event that never stops growing. New for 2012 • 100% new main stage keynotes - the most prolific minds today
 • New Symposia on Segmentation - what matters to: Multicultural, Boomers & Millennials
• More Global Perspectives than ever: China, India, France, Switzerland, Ukraine and more
• Extension Room offers a full, immersive experience to dive deeper
• New speakers on Digital, Social and Mobile from Groupon, American Express, Yahoo! and Google
 • Global Economic Update examining shifts in shopper spending and behavior around the world Back by Popular Demand • Global capabilities and emerging markets symposium
• Diverse retail perspectives including Target, Walmar, 7-Eleven, Sam's Club and more
• Content review board ensuring no commercialism from the podium
• Mentor program for first timers
• 100% all new case studies always focused on the "IN ACTION" Experience for yourself, why this event is considered the VOICE OF THE INDUSTRY.
 Register by this Friday for your final chance to save $700 off the standard rates.

 Registration Information: Please mention code to save an additional 15% off the standard rates: SHOPPER12BLOG  
Phone: 888.670.8200


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