What's your Digital IQ?

Think tank for digital innovation L2 is predicting that, amongst other digital trends, mobile and iPad commerce will triple in 2012. In this blog post, they cite the facts that "For the first time ever, global shipments of smart phones and tablets exceed shipments of PCs. And this past December, Americans averaged 22 more minutes a day with mobile apps than browsing the web" as key indicators of this trend.

Other predictions include the growth of social platforms Pinterest, Tumblr and Instagram and Facebook finally achieving status as a key traffic driver as more prestige brands build their presence on the site. So what's your brand's digital IQ? Will your marketing plans take these predictions into consideration in 2012?

Professor Scott Galloway, author of the Digital IQ Index® which provides brands with a benchmark to measure digital competence against peers, will be speaking on the move towards mobile and on ranking and evaluating the business world’s iconic brands’ digital footprint this March at The Mobile Marketing Conference. Scott will also discuss how digital is reshaping business and how best practices can guide a managers decision making (i.e. what do I do next?).

For a sneak peek at Scott's upcoming presentation topic, watch this video from L2 detailing their 5 boldest digital brand predictions for 2012 and start to measure your own Digital IQ.

For more from Professor Scott Galloway on how:
 • Corporations are lagging the consumer, not investing in platforms that consumers are
flocking to;
• Digital competence will be the primary differentiator between firms that increase their
stakeholder value, vs. those that leak value; and
• We will look back on this era as the “salad days,” an exceptional time to build communities
on emerging platforms and exploit new technologies

Join us for his session "Digital IQ & Shareholder Value" at The Mobile Marketing Conference. Save 15% when you register with code TMMC12DIGITAL here.

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Michelle LeBlanc is a Social Media Strategist at IIR USA with a specialization in marketing. She may be reached at 


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