Weathering The Cross-Platform Conundrum

Happy Leap Day! It may be nearly March, but here at the Digital Impact Blog headquarters in NY we're looking at a possible "powerful winter storm" after 57 degree temperatures earlier this month. This crazy winter has had me turning to my Weather Channel app more than once, and I'm not alone.

According to TMMC media partner MobiThinking: "With 33 million unique monthly users on and 20 million app downloads on both Android and iPhone, The Weather Channel is one of the top mobile destinations in the US."

But it's not just valuable information alone that makes The Weather Channel a favorite. The Weather Channel is also able to develop innovative mobile advertising campaigns for their ad partners as different users access the app from different devices. Customization to this level provides a valuable service for advertisers and users alike. Scott Jensen of Weather Channel spoke with MobiThinking about their cross-platform strategies in the interview below:

For more from Scott M. Jensen, Vice President, Digital Products/Apps, The Weather Channel, join us at The Mobile Marketing Conference. Scott will be presenting "Developing Brand Appropriate Multi-Screen (or Cross-Platform) Strategies" in our Strategy track on Tuesday, March 20th, 2012.

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