News Roundup: One Month Til Mobile & Some Sweet Digital Campaigns

Going forward in 2012 we'd like to provide you with occasional roundups of some of our favorite finds.

This week on the blog, we had a great guest post by TMMC speaker Darin Wonn, we celebrated New York Fashion Week by looking at L'Oreal's Redken mobile marketing, and we got excited about some of the top brands that will be at next month's conference.

Elsewhere, the world celebrated Valentine's Day in a very mobile way, from mobile searches for restaurants and florists (62% mobile!) to AR magic at Starbucks. According to brandchannel:

"One quarter of smartphone owners will research and compare products on their phone, one in ten will make purchases and redeem coupons, and one in five will be looking up on the spot information like location and store hours. One-third of tablet owners will research products and compare prices, and one in five anticipates actually purchasing their gifts on the device."
Given that mobile purchases are predicted to total $119 billion globally by 2015, and "The Number Of Mobile Devices Will Exceed World’s Population By 2012," it's only natural that brands are flocking to the medium, but AdWeek took a moment to wonder "Do Mobile Ads Still Suck?"

When it comes to the platforms that are making the mobile web so popular, Ford Fiesta introduced an Instagram campaign via Facebook and up-and-comer Pinterest continued to generate a lot of buzz, from questions of copyright, to some helpful dos and don'ts for brands. Additionally, Facebook announced that we can look forward to Timeline for brands later this month and Mashable rounded up some of the top brand pages on Google+.

Is your company pursuing any new digital strategies? What platforms or mediums are you looking at?

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