Zappos, JetBlue, Pandora & More Share Mobile Strategies

In 2012, unit sales of smart phones and tablets will exceed those of PCs, laptops and netbooks for the first time. To stay competitive, your brand must have a short and long-term mobile plan.

The Mobile Marketing Conference will arm you with the insights, relationships and courage you need to succeed in the mobile world; capture share of mind, drive transactions and prove ROI. Download the brochure to learn more about this year's program.

Hear real stories and case studies from today's top brands showing you how to leverage the mobile medium:
• BRUNNER - Developing Brand Building Apps to Last: Design, Information Architecture & Findability
• STARWOOD HOTELS & RESORTS - Best Practices in Creating Mobile Websites
• HAYZLETT GROUP - Building Brands in the Mobile Medium
• GILT GROUP - Maximizing Brand Impact in the Mobile Space
• INSTITUTE FOR THE FUTURE - The Future of Persuasion
• INTERCONTINENTAL HOTELS - The Mobile Consumer: Always On and Always Tethered
• INTUIT - Build Your Brand Through Short & Long Term Mobile Strategies
• TACO BELL CORPORATION - Mobile As An Enabler of Brand Experience
• ALCATEL-LUCENT - How Permission Mobile Marketing Powers Brand Engagement
• ZAPPOS - Mobile Shopping: Increase Conversion With Your Apps and Mobile Site
• TURNER BROADCASTING - Replicating Your Website is Not Enough: Increasing Brand Awareness by Building the Right Functionality
• CONDE NASTE - Building Your Mobile Brand to Drive Awareness & Participation in Social & Digital Campaigns
• L'OREAL USA - L'Oreal Maximizes Mobile Investment to Increase Loyalty and Purchases
• FORRESTER RESEARCH - Choosing A Partner for Mobile Marketing Strategic Services
• VISIT BALTIMORE - Capitalizing on Augmented Reality to Deliver Truly Personalized Mobile Experiences
• WHARTON CUSTOMER ANALYTICS INITIATIVE - Mobile Usage Insights: Modeling Mobile Customer Behavior
• CAPITAL ONE FINANCIAL CORP - Strategies to Measuring Mobile Impact on the Bottom Line
• GOOGLE - Mobile: The Game Changer in Shopper Experience
• L2 - Digital IQ & Shareholder Value
• GAP INC. DIRECT - Successful Mobile ROI - Learnings to Date
• ALLERGAN, INC. - Creating Value for Your Customers through Mobile
• JETBLUE AIRWAYS - Lessons from the Airline Industry: How Mobile Can Transform Your Business
• PANDORA INTERNET RADIO - Site-Sound-Motion and Emotion: Engaging Consumers Across All Devices and Channels
• SUNKIST GROWERS, INC. - Driving Transactions in Retail Grocery through Mobile
• SONY COMPUTER ENTERTAINMENT AMERICA - Connecting with Consumers in a Next Generation Gaming Environment
• AMF BOWLING CENTERS & 3SEVENTY - AMF Throws a Strike with Mobile Marketing
• CHOICE HOTELS INTERNATIONAL - Driving Mobile Commerce Experiences
• DOSOMETHING.ORG - Next Generation SMS: From Message to Interaction

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If you are responsible for marketing, brand, communications, digital, social media, insights, mobile and strategy, you can't afford to miss The Mobile Marketing Conference. Download the brochure for more information. Register with code TMMC12DIGITAL to save 15%. We hope to see you in Miami.

All the best, The Mobile Marketing Conference Event Team

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