This Week in Digital Marketing: Mobile Madness

Going forward in 2012 we'd like to provide you with occasional roundups of some of our favorite finds. We're now only 3 weeks out from The Mobile Marketing Conference and it's fair to say that Mobile is on our minds, here are our favorite links from this week:

Forrester told us that "Employees Use Multiple Gadgets For Work — And Choose Much Of The Tech Themselves" noting that "About 25% are mobile devices, not PCs."(To hear more about Forrester Research join Melissa Parrish, Senior Analyst, for "Choosing a Partner for Mobile Marketing Strategic Services" at TMMC)
Mobile is growing not just in the workforce, but around the world. IBM's A Smarter Planet blog shared this great infographic about the future of Mobile in Africa.

If you were curious how mobile tie-ins during Superbowl ads worked earlier this month, check out this podcast with Rachel Pasqua and author Rick Mathieson.

In the social world,  Mashable asked the enviable question "What to Do When Your Social Media Strategy Is Successful?" Their video interview with Amber Naslund former vice president of strategy for Radian6 gives some ideas about dealing with the impact that a social success can have across a company. Facebook continues to push forward with advertising, hinting at new ads that are "social by default."

Lastly, here on the blog we asked that you help us out with some hot mobile topics for our expert panel - will you take a second to fill out our survey?

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