News Roundup: From QR to B2B, Think Human

Going forward in 2012 we'd like to provide you with occasional roundups of some of our favorite finds.

This week on the blog we took at look at Mobile Marketing Conference speaking company Gilt Groupe, the popular flash sale site is now launching their Google+ presence in light of Google's new plus-focused search.
Additionally, we perused some mobile trend predictions for 2012 and pondered the future of the QR code. Respondents in our recent webinar with Jeffrey Hayzlett were buzzing about the topic as Hayzlett mentioned the benefits of SnapTags. added to the conversation with this piece on Cracking the QR Code. Author Ann Handley writes that the many poor uses of QR code technology are "a crying shame," noting "They spell fun and opportunity and can be a compelling way to attract and retain customers. The codes are designed to connect easily with customers on the go (the quick part of QR) and encourage their engagement (the response part). At their best, QR codes can bridge the online and offline worlds and enrich your lead-gen efforts."

Whatever code you choose to use, make sure to keep the user experience in mind. No one wants to fill out an elaborate form on a smart phone, and if there isn't cell service in the spot where your ad is placed it's no wonder when your ROI is low.

Meanwhile, also joined the masses focusing on Pinterest (and given recent reports of traffic from the social bookmarking site, we understand the interest.) Their suggestions for small business success are no surprise. As with other platforms the key is: be human, be useful. Those who provide marketing content alone will fail.

Leaving consumer-focused businesses aside for a moment, a common comment we hear at our events and webinars is "these strategies may be fine for B2C, but what can my B2B do with them?" There are many strategies that can work for both, (and some that are even geared specifically to B2B.) MarketingProfs offers some quick tips for beefing up your LinkedIn presence for B2B here and this infographic illustrates that Facebook may be just as useful because, after all, it's where the people are. Joseph Fieber of PCWorld notes that mobile can be useful for B2B collaboration, but suggests you consider these points first.

What are your biggest challenges these days? Is it tailoring social or mobile for a B2B business? Figuring our QR codes? Or something else? Let us know in the comments.

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