How to Efficiently Blog and Tweet

For many with the advent of community 2.0, there came an onslaught of tasks designed to take up our time. Just the simple tasks of reading and managing all of the blogs, and Twitter streams we subscibe to can take hours out of our day. The author of this post, that I just came across today from sagecircle, provides tips and tricks oh how to manage social networking time better. In the authors own words, by using the tips listed in the post, he has:

"reduced my social media traffic monitoring time from several hours a day to 30 to 45 minutes. The process now feels much less burdensome and much more efficient. I now look forward to the times when I check the blogs and Twitter because it's a fun break from my other tasks."


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Anonymous said...

Hello, Thanks for the link, but the link does not point to the post you were talking about. Rather you are pointing to one of Jeremiah Owyang's Web Strategy posts. I believe that you were talking about:

Cheers, -carter j

Priya said...

Hi, it should be fixed now, and thank you for letting me know!