The science community and Web 2.0

The Economist recently wrote a very interesting article about the slow adoption of the internet by scientists. They're currently lagging behind in adopting the new tools that are taking the internet by storm that allows new information to spread quickly.

A new version of Research Blogging was recently introduced the Seed Media Group. This is a new hub for scientists to review articles written by fellow scientists. This portal provides a place for the scientists to blog on their particular research articles. From there they are aggregated, indexed and made available on line with key words so they're easy to find. The only set back to this is that most scientists publish in order to be recognized by the upper classes of the scientific world. So is there incentive to use this website?

As the article pointed out at the end, the internet was created for and by scientists. Why are they so slow to pick up the new tools that are spreading information throughout the world?


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