LiveBar: A Web 2.0 Bedazzler

Web 2.0, and Community 2.0 are commonplace in business conversations, but implementing and utilizing these tools can be difficult. VentureBeat announced here, that LiveWorld is releasing a new application, LiveBar, that will instantly “bedazzle” any website with a bar that businesses can add of Web 2.0 features. This would allow organizations to have an area for immediate customer interaction, where they chose on their website. The features would include “soap boxes” and “shorts” which are similar to blogs and Twitter messages respectively. The benefits to businesses, as this article states is:

“LiveBar features are standardized, they’re easy to add to any site. It takes minutes to do. By comparison, getting companies to add customized Web 2.0 features to web sites can often take months. As such, LiveBar is a tool for retrofitting pages that were created in the days before Web 2.0. It’s a way for companies to play catch-up in the Web 2.0 game, where engaging consumers in a conversation is just as important as presenting information to them”

With all of the technology, new and old, available to businesses, is there any reason for businesses not to utilize web 2.0 strategies?


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Bryan Person said...

Priya, we're very excited about yesterday's launch of LiveBar (we'll be demoing it at the Web 2.0 Expo in NYC starting today, too!)

LiveBar offers companies and brands the opportunity to add instant community to their sites and then support lively discussions around their content.

By the way, I was a blogger here during the Community 2.0 event back in May.

-Bryan Person
LiveWorld social media evangelist