LinkedIn Will Launch Their Own Ad Network

According to comScore, LinkedIn has over 27 million registered users, most of these who are in the professional workspace and own smartphones/PDAs. Currently, LinkedIn already already sells ads against this professional audience right on its site that are targeted by industry, seniority, company size, gender, and other specifications. Freddie Laker discusses in this latest post on SocialMediaToday that LinkedIn will expand its reach to targeting partner sites.

Publishers will have to apply to become part of the LinkedIn ad network. Similar to Yahoo’s and Google’s ad-targeting network, when someone visits LinkedIn a cookie will be placed in their browser. When these users visit partner sites, they will be identified as LinkedIn members and they will be grouped into different categories. Users will also be able to opt-out of this network if they so choose.

Facebook has received a lot of heat in the past for releasing Facebook Beacon and similar ad networks. Will LinkedIn users be annoyed with the new ad network?


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