Mobile Community 2.0

In perhaps unsurprising news reported here, at MarketWatch, MySpace and Facebook are leading in number of visits to a Social Network through mobile phones. Of the approximately 46% of social network subscribers who have accessed a network using mobile phones, 70% had visited MySpace, and 67% had visited Facebook. Those are the only two social networks who have had success at passing a 15% mobile adoption. As Michael Wolf, research director for ABI explained:

"As in the online social networking space, there is clearly a large gap between the big two (MySpace and Facebook) social networks and the others. ABI Research believes this is because consumers do not want to recreate entirely new and separate social networks for mobile, but rather want to tap into their existing social network and have it go with them via the mobile phone. For most, this means MySpace, Facebook, or even both."

What are your thoughts? Have you been accessing your social networks through your phone? How do you think this will impact the Community 2.0 space?


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