Social Media Eruption in Africa

Popular belief might stray us to believe that investing in social media in Africa is a complete waste, but this post on ReadWriteWeb shows us that this continent is undergoing a web revolution of gigantic proportions.

Even though the continent suffers from disproportionate amounts poverty, it is making huge strides in providing internet connectivity to its people, even in areas that don’t have electricity! Here’s a couple of example of social media projects that have succeeded in Africa.

This site can be defined as a social media aggregator and directory that is built especially for African citizens. Afrigator was created by Justin Hartman, Stii Pretorius, Mike Stopforth and Mark Forrester.
This social media tool allows its users to upload videos, podcasts, and pictures and share them on the web. Although usable by everyone, it is targeted to the niche local market of South Africa.

Ushahidi is a web application that maps reports of incidents of violence. This application was built after the aftermath of the Kenyan 2008 elections.

These are only a few examples of many social media applications that are benefiting from the growing tech-savvy population of Africa. Is it time for investors, entrepreneurs, and corporations to re-evaluate social media in this continent?


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