Troubling Times Proves to be a Good Time for Blogging

According to this post on The Inquisitr, Six Apart CEO Chris Alden believes that the economic crisis might boost people to start blogging as they look for alternatives to work. The point seems logical since startup costs for blogging are lower and that most people will have excess time on their hands. Does this mean that businesses will also spend more time and energy reaching consumers on the blogosphere? I will leave you off with an interview with Wired in which Chris Alden used unemployment to support of his argument:

…a bad economy will probably lead to an overall uptick in blogging, Alden says. “When you don’t know where else to invest,” he explains, “you invest in yourself.”

Which is kind of a slick way of saying that when you get laid off or your company goes under, it’s a good time to build your personal brand by blogging. Or, for that matter, if you suddenly find yourself with a lot of time on your hands, you might blog to fill the empty spaces. “You look for a way to reassert control,” Alden points out. “That’s a reason blogging surges in down times.”


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