From QR to AR: Mobile Experience And Engagement at #TMMC

I started off the final afternoon in the Mobile Experience and Engagement track at The Mobile Marketing Conference.

First up, Julie DeWolf spoke about the Sunkist Growers approach to mobile.
 Shaun Quigley: Sunkist's approach to mobile #cpg Btw: the app is dead
When approaching mobile, Sunkist first started out with a app, but found that it wasn't really relevant to the product or worth the effort of maintaining.

Right now they have been seeing success with using both QR code, SMS code and website on packaging and POS promotions to grow engagement with their products. Interestingly, the current trend for their products is that QR codes are seeing more success than SMS calls-to-action.

The main challenge Sunkist Growers faced was creating a mobile presence without the end goal being m-commerce. As a solution, compelling content such as contests or recipes fulfills the brand promise when users reach the website and seasonal specific campaigns (such as for Lent or Lemonade stands for summer) provide tie-ins for specific fruits.

Up next, we heard from Carrie Chitsey, CEO of 3Seventy. Carrie was speaking on Augmented Reality and gave us many interesting current examples such as the eBay classifieds app (pictured here). From this, to real estate to grocery, AR has many uses and is perfect for engaging consumers in-store or on the street.

In an echoing of some of our other presentations, Chitsey reaffirmed the power of mobile for reaching the traveler. Augmented reality can provide an extremely user friendly experience for travelers showing nearby hotels, restaurants or entertainment.

In addition to information, brands such as Guinness who have jumped into the space with entertainment-based AR apps have had the benefit of going viral as it still has the "new and cool" factor and easily generates user-generated content that can be seamlessly shared to social.


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