Let's Talk Texting

When it comes to Mobile Marketing, you hear a lot of buzz about apps, mobile websites, QR codes and more, but what about the simple text message? A recent study by Columbia Business School’s Center on Global Brand Leadership and the New York American Marketing Association found that:
"mobile advertising (ads within mobile apps, or via SMS message) has been adopted by 51% of marketers. Financial services and travel/leisure were among the industries most likely to use it. Although still newer and less standardized than some other digital marketing tools, mobile-only ads have been adopted by 76% of the largest firms, with revenues over $100 billion annually."

And when it comes to SMS specifically, our partners at 3Seventy reported that "an estimated eight trillion SMS messages were sent in 2011. The Mobile Marketing Association released a report stating that the vast majority (97 percent) of SMS messages are opened by the recipient."

It's clear that SMS can be a very effective channel for marketing and engaging your community. One success story of SMS comes from The Mobile Marketing Conference featured company, As part of their mission "to build an army of doers 5 million strong by 2015." DoSomething.Org is speaking to teens via text.

In a November 2011 press release, Nancy Lublin, CEO and chief old person was quoted as saying “While the message is primarily the same, the medium has definitely changed...With 72% of teens texting and 54% of them doing it on a daily basis, we want to beef up our SMS skills. Teens want things done their way, and we respect that.”

At, this everyday platform for the masses is being used to drive both user conversations and offline action. envisions SMS as the best way to reach their growing network of social change agents. The format is quick, direct and to-the-point: perfect for activating campaigns for crisis relief and pressing social issues. Forget newer, slicker technology: the most immediate and personal way to reach your audience is the seemingly unsexy text message.

To hear more about's success with SMS and ideas for activating your audience, join us for "Next Generation SMS: From Message to Interaction" with Aria Finger, COO and Stephanie Shih, User Experience, at The Mobile Marketing Conference.

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