TMMC Recap: Crowdsourcing The Hottest Topics in Mobile Marketing

Last week at The Mobile Marketing conference we were pleased to host an expert panel featuring Carrie Chitsey, CEO, 3Seventy, Joseph Cox, President, VMBC and Brent Drake, Vice President, Sales & Marketing, Best Fit Mobile & Marketing.

Our expects tackled a range of topics that we had gathered ahead here on the blog and on LinkedIn and other social media as well as questions from the audience. Watch a video below for the full session.

Some of the biggest takeaways were as follows:  
What's the most important aspect to any mobile marketing strategy?
Ask "How does this fit in with the rest of my channels?"
Determine other touch points and find how mobile fits into that
Having the correct plan in place first
Have a central point of contact (for separate agency or departments) and utilize data across channels
Before a campaign is executed, figure out how you will use data afterwards

How do you get your company or CMO to see the value of a mobile strategy?
Look at the drop off that occurs for a non-mobile optimized site

Look at the response rate for a targeted, opted-in group (much higher than email), "The Golden Ticket is that opt-in"
How do you move behind the "bright shiny object" aspect of mobile and actually drive the bottom line?
Capture both quantitative and qualitative data about app/mobile use, the numbers and responses will speak for themselves

If I have a limited budget, what should take precedence: apps or mobile site?
A mobile website will see biggest immediate impact, mobile optimized is a good stop-gap, but a true mobile website will be the best investment

What is the biggest game changer in terms of new technology on the horizon?
The tablet
The availability of data for brands to connect with their customers
Augmented reality applications


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