Live at #TMMC: Strategies to Measuring Mobile Impact on the Bottom Line

Up next at The Mobile Marketing Conference was Thomas Poole, Managing Vice President, Digital Mobile & Emerging Channels, Capital One Financial Corp.

Poole started us off with the fact that one smartphone has more computing power than 100 Atari 800s, modern smartphones are cloud connected "super computers" and we have them with us 24/7.

This mobile connectivity allows for improved customer experiences, one great example of this? Mobile banking check deposits. From having to go to a bank branch, to maybe visiting the bank at the grocery store, to now being able to deposit a check via mobile phone a huge consumer pain point has been solved.

Another good example of improved customer experiences through mobile? The Starbucks app that builds loyalty through integrated rewards. Square Card Case and Shopkick are other good examples of using technology such as geo-location services and gamification to build customer interactions. Foodspotting was another app mentioned as an example of an app that uses the real-life context of users. What all these apps have in common is more data with less friction.

Poole left us with three pieces of advice:
Stay Connected (Use resources, try out apps and devices, read up on trends)
Be Nimble (Employ Agile Methodologies, act like you're in the software business)
Copy Shamelessly (Take advantage of the insights that you see)


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