This Week in Digital Marketing: Big Facebook Changes and More Mobile Moves

Here on the blog, we asked "What's your digital IQ?" looking at some digital trend predictions with L2. We also looked at The Weather Channel's innovative cross-platform approach.

In other App news, a Mobile app delivers real-time captions for live theater performances and commuters in Philadelphia can now order groceries while they wait for the train. Meanwhile, imediaconnection provides a handy reference guide for marketers that are looking to make use of Augmented Reality.

Facebook made the news repeatedly this week as they continue to move towards their IPO. When it comes to advertising on Facebook, mobile ads may be the future, but new tools that accompany the roll out of brand timeline profiles will also provide a chance for brands to refresh their company pages. Mashable has a comprehensive look at the new timeline for brands.

Key news to note: 
 - All brand pages will switch to Timeline on March 30th, 2012
 - Brands can no longer choose a landing page for visitors to see first
 - Milestones and pinned posts can highlight important information.

Will these new changes help brands to improve engagement? Hopefully! Ad Age recently reported that "Even Sexy Brands Struggle With Low Engagement on Facebook." A "Like" alone, still isn't enough to prove Facebook's ROI for marketers.

Lastly, we've had some great responses, but we're still looking for more input for our mobile marketing expert panel. What would you ask them?

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