Live at #TMMC: Customer Experience & Brand Experience

The afternoon of the first main conference day at The Mobile Marketing Conference was all about Customer Experience, User Experience and Brand Experience.

After our first session of the afternoon with Darin Wonn which touched on user experience design and building brand love and loyalty through experiences, Kim McNealy, Director, TurboTax Marketing Strategy, Intuit spoke about building the Turbo Tax brand through mobile.

The crowd warms up at Kim McNealy's session
At TurboTax, mobile experiences are allowing frictionless, fun tax prep. For example, a user can download an app and scan their W2 for instant information upload. In an effort to improve the app design, the team eliminated 20 clicks until their was only one click from opening the app til reaching the home screen. Now TurboTax desktop version design is influenced by the simple, streamlined app.
In terms of activation: TurboTax offers experiences like "Shazamable" ads that users can scan to reach the product. On the SMS front, TurboTax found the many users were most concerned with when their refund would arrive. An SMS opt-in to be notified of the IRS accepting the return garnered 70,000 opt-ins in the first week. Overall, the mobile presence is about making what can be a complicated experience easier, and eliminating pain points.

Ronalee Zárate-Bayani, Digital Lead, Brand Experience, Taco Bell Corporation then presented this afternoon on some of the unique strategies Taco Bell has used to connect with consumers via Mobile. Many of their most successful campaigns grew out of natural partnerships with PlayStation or MTV.

For Taco Bell, a successful mobile campaign:
1. Bridges the virtual world with the physical world
2. Intricately linked to brand DNA
3. Integrated into greater holistic experience

Providing relevant content in context for consumers that they wanted to share, such as a game, exclusive video or prize grew engagement for these campaigns, and a consolidated customer experience in a single Taco Bell app helped to simplify. Many of these are the same strategies you would use for any content marketing, but with mobile you can take it to a new level with seamless, personalized experiences.


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