Shopper Experience & Crashing the Plane, Live at #TMMC

Catherine Roe, Head of Consumer Packaged Goods, Google just spoke at The Mobile Marketing Conference on "Mobile: The Game Changer in Shopper Experience." At Google, Roe has a unique insight into changing consumer behaviors.

Google has found that 93% of mobile searches seek local intent and 89% take action. Mobile and tablet searches spike in the evenings as consumers leave the office or seek entertainment at home, 39% of walk-outs [of a store] are influenced by smartphone usage, and improved online experience will drive that number down.

Roe says of these trends, "Smartphones will prove exceptional at driving new consumer behavior"

She suggested you ask yourself four questions when approaching mobile:
How does mobile change my value proposition?
How should our marketing adapt to mobile?
Is our organization adapting to mobile?
How does mobile change my web presence?

The possibilities of mobile are certainly there and Google sees now as the time that brands really need to be moving forward. When it comes to trying something new, Roe says ""If you don't take risks and "crash the plane" every once in awhile, you're not moving forward." Now you can send a Coke to a stranger across the world from your phone, how will you "crash the plane?"


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