The Mobile Traveler: Always On and Always Tethered - Live at #TMMC

Our afternoon sessions just started at The Mobile Marketing Conference with competing sessions from Darin Wonn, Product Manager for Mobile Apps, Intercontinental Hotels Group and Melissa Parrish, Senior Analyst, Forrester Research. It was a difficult choice, but I sat in on "The Mobile Traveler: Always On and Always Tethered" in our strategy track.

Darin identified some key points for reaching travelers (or really any customer). They were as follows:

1. Know your goals
It sounds obvious, but first identify what the goal of your app is, and what your business goals for building an app are.

2. Map the customer journey
Intercontinental Hotels Group was designing for a customer that was likely distracted, stressed and using a small screen. iPad may be used for planning ahead, but the traveler on the go is likely using a smartphone

3. Create brand love through unified experience
Be it by providing unique services using mobile technology such as a phone that works as a room key, to offering an easy coupon or discount to guests without the need for printing or additional steps. Mobile can provide a frictionless experience that builds loyalty and brand love.

What is your favorite app as a traveler?

Questions for Darin? Find him on twitter at @DarinWonn


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