Why Obama is the Democratic Presidential Nominee

Bruce Nassbaum took a minute to comment on the news surrounding the democratic presidential nomination.

He believes that Obama was able to win with his campaign simply because he adapted to the new strategy that Generation X, Y and the Millennials are using to communicate. Obama’s campaign consisted of a new way of designing typical campaigns, and focused on the new social networking principles that are growing among today’s younger generations.

He developed some theories that involved the use of the coming tide of the importance of social networking:

-- Social networking is a more effective way to communicate compared to old fashioned, person to person, in person networking. Obama was able to leverage these generations, and come up with more money from people who couldn’t afford to donate much, leading him into more campaign dollars.

-- Generation X is becoming more powerful than the Baby Boomers. They’ve found a new way to communicate and organize with each other, which is through the web.

Not only is this important to notice with the presidential campaigns that are running, but it’s also critical to take note for managing these generations. Generation X is on it’s way up in the business world, and change is necessary.


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