Weather Enthusiasts Now Have a Social Community

Recently, it looks as if almost everyone has jumped on the social networking bandwagon. Fox Interactive has launched Fox Weather, which allows its users to create profiles, write blog entries, participate in discussion forums, and upload photos. It will be interesting to see the kind of activity this site will generate when huge storms, severe warnings, and unusual weather conditions appear.

Steve O’Hear mentions that this is another example of “social networking as a feature rather than a product in itself”. Organizations are beginning to see the benefits that come from deploying a social community can bring to the table. It allows consumers to voice their opinions and concerns with a community that shares the same interests. We’ve recently seen how communities have helped Obama clinch the Democratic Presidential Nominee spot and how restaurants like Chipotle have created blogs to reach out to its customers. I’d like to see what other avenues of social networking we can expect to be opened in the upcoming months.


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1 comment:

Max Fitzroy said...

Interesting stuff. It will be fun to see how it develops.

Check out the Weather Underground too for another take on community among weather enthusiasts. Chats, blogs, email, photo sharing, personal weather station feeds... they've been building an active and vibrant community over the past few years.