What’s Driving Users Away From Social Networking Sites?

How many unwanted, unsolicited friend requests/invitations do you receive on a monthly basis from your networking site of choice? I came across this report in eMarketer which explains that nearly two thirds of respondents said that they would consider switching social networking sites if spamming became excessive. The problem with these unwanted requests is that it often includes links that lead them to a malware site or phishing site.

Spamming is not the only factor that’s driving away users from social networking sites. Privacy is the number one issue why users over 40 are most hesitant to use social networking sites. Here’s the results provided by a survey from eMarketer.

Facebook was even quick to re-work its Beacon targeting system to not create a privacy backlash within its users. As advertising becomes more and more popular on social networking sites, marketers must be weary of their methods. Spamming and breaking privacy barriers will not get you far.


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