New Developments in Online Social Platforms

Socializing on the web started with chat rooms, e-mail, and instant messaging, and then it morphed into social networks such as Facebook and MySpace. Some have wondered, as this blog post indicates, about what the next step in the evolution of these sites will be. In the quest for an answer the post uncovered a new company, called RocketOn, that has a solution. They have created a program where each individual would have their own mini avatar that would be present with them at all times.

As described in this article from TechCrunch “Instead of integrating virtual worlds into webpages, it has actually placed one on top of them so that avatars can roam the web just as you currently surf it.” Avatars would have all the basic capabilities that similar programs have such as the ability to change outfits, and chat. As an added layer, however, consumers would have the option of paying for virtual goods through real money, or by earning points through completion of tasks, and simple use of the program. Below is a video with the demonstration of this product. .


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