More Dangerous Storms, More Web 2.0 Used to Communicate

Yesterday, we reported that weather enthusiast now have a place to congregate on the web. In the past, we’ve also reported about how Web 2.0 tools were used to spread word of natural disasters (Post is Here). With the intense weather gripping the Iowa, the Red Cross has adapted Web 2.0 tools to the fullest to communicate what’s going on with the resident of Iowa. As reported here at Read Write Web, the Red Cross has started a blog on Wordpress to issues the latest press releases, media and information about shelters to those affected in Iowa.

Through the use of Utterz (where reports are filed from the field), Flicker and YouTube, to Slide powered by User Generated Content, as well as mashups provided by Google Maps to show the affected areas, the Red Cross is spreading the information people need to know, as well as getting those affected by the flood to communicate where and how they are affected.


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