Live from #MediaInsight: The Future Begins Now: How Current Trends are Shaping the 10 Growth Areas of Tomorrow

Jared Weiner, Futurist and Vice President, WEINER, EDRICH, BROWN takes us through the key growth areas for the future 

The recognition of educated incapacity: knowing so much about what you know, that you are the last to see the future of your area of expertise differently.  Everyone suffers from this.  The fix is to use your "alien eyes" - explore new things and look at industries from different angles to keep yourself sharp.

The emerging metaspace economy: ten growth areas of the future, all of which will influence media and insights.  

1. Time Space: Time is becoming simultaneous, not sequential.  Everything is getting shorter.  When we didn't have time for email we moved to tweets.  When we couldn't take the time to tweet we moved to videos and imagery (i.e. Instagram).  This is where communication is headed.  

2. Inner Space: Neuro imaging, sensory, neuro transmitters - as we understand more about inner mechanics, our experiences will change.  Before long, we'll have video games that use sense to complete the experience - a soccer game that pumps out the scent of freshly cut grass, a baseball game that emits the smell of hot dogs, etc.

3. Design Space: It wasn't long ago that design was on the fringe.  Now design thinking and user experience are huge for any successful enterprise.

4. Play Space: Gamification is the new normal - think about how many reward programs you are a part of.  Adult play is growing - employees are starting to have fun at the workplace.  Amusement isn't just for kids anymore.  

5. Storage Space: Storage of data is key - computing power and big data are increasing exponentially.  How and where do we store everything?

6. Cyber Space: The next frontiers in cyber tech, including not just apps but augmented reality (i.e. Google Glass) and virtual reality - people are using avatars in virtual environments to help inform the real world.

7. Inter Space: The Internet of Things - software, platforms, technologies that are communicating with each other without any human interaction.  The future is about the smart interconnected home.  

8. Outer Space: GPS, geolocation technology, space tourism.  It's not just sci-fi anymore.  

9. Micro Space: Nanotechnology and new materials technology (3D printing).  

10. Green to Blue Space: the shift from doing green to being green - having zero impact on the environment - and then to blue: actually giving back to the environment.        


Ben Proctor is Insights Strategist at Miner & Co. Studio, a New York-based consultancy

Ben Proctor

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