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Karen Ramspacher, SVP of Research and Insights, PARTICIPANT MEDIA reveals some alarming insights about data privacy and what pivot plans to do to combat them 

Safe data is like safe sex.  We say we're going to be careful, but what are we actually doing?  
"Terms and Conditions May Apply" started pivot down a road of exploring data privacy and online safety.  Focus groups added more fuel to the fire and helped pivot to launch the 18-month campaign "Eyes Wide Open."

Anything we do online, anything, can be tracked and often is.  

In looking at talk about privacy in social media, we see two camps - the concerned core who are outraged, and the casual crowd who say, "what's the big deal?"

Tweet from your house with location settings on?  Doing so even once or twice can make it easy for anyone to find out where you live.  

Google may be "free" to use, but we're all paying with privacy.  Using even a fraction of the information they have about each of us would make them the most valuable company in history - by far.  

80% of people say it's hard to know which sources can be trusted to deliver the truth these days.  38% of us share information without checking the source beforehand.  

With shows like Hit Record, pivot aims for full transparency - if you contribute content to the show, they'll not only tell you how it will be used, but even pay you for it if they reap any benefits. 

"We're like revolving doors of information" - when we share we're using corporations' tools, and they ARE getting paid for it.  One's online behavior is worth up to $5K a year for a company like Google.  

87% want the government and businesses to be transparent about what they are doing with personal online information - but we have a long way to go to get there.  


Ben Proctor is Insights Strategist at Miner & Co. Studio, a New York-based consultancy

Ben Proctor

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