Live from #MediaInsight: Marketing Across Screens

Cortney Henseler, Director, Consumer Analytics & Research, AOL provides a look at how mobile devices impact media consumption 

Mobile device users are looking for deep experiences - they want to continue where they left off when using different devices, and want to be sure that their digital experience is the same no matter where they are.

Mobile moments are driven by "me time," a desire for amusement and relaxation.

When it comes to tablet use, shopping and consumption of entertainment see a major increase - these are the activities that drive tablet usage for many consumers.  

In a game asking consumers to "vote devices off the island," mobile phones and computers win out - beating both tablets and TV.  Interestingly, 1/3 of consumers use a computer ONLY to access their favorite website.  Computers also take the top spot when it comes to driving desire to consume content on the web.  

In a qualitative deprivation exercise, taking a smartphone away from consumers resulted in a sense of complete disconnection - while they can get by without a tablet, the lack of a smartphone is almost unthinkable.  

People aged 35+ are more likely to value tablets when it comes to consuming web content - the intuitive interface and bigger screen size are among the factors that make these devices appealing to the 35+ crowd.  

Tablet usage spikes during primetime - 7 to 10PM is a time when people are multi-tasking by using a tablet while watching TV (with web browsing emerging as the top tablet activity).  

Cooking/food is the top category for cross-screen synergy - people want to use multiple devices to access this content, and do so frequently.  

In terms of ad recall, the computer provides nearly twice the value of mobile devices.  Some tips for advertisers include:
1. consumer learning curve
2. relevance
3. elements add interest
4. message clarity


Ben Proctor is Insights Strategist at Miner & Co. Studio, a New York-based consultancy

Ben Proctor

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