What’s Key to Foster Interactive Experiences Through Mobile Technology?

More brands are recognizing the need to combine digital technology and personal experiences to effectively connect with consumers.

Giving consumers the ability to take control of their own experiences with brands and be given opportunities to share their experiences within their own social channels is the key.

Trends to watch in media & broadcast?

Samsung Smart TV Talks about the Future of TV ...
Samsung Smart TV Talks about the Future of TV in UK (Photo: samsungtomorrow)
I think binge and TSV will continue having an impact on networks.  The overall time it takes to gauge a show or network’s performance no longer fits into a 3 or 7 day window.

What generational nuances and cultural behavior can be seen or predicted in this new era of media consumption?

User-generated content will continue create celebrities.  Bloggers will get younger and younger. Simultaneous media usage will age up.

What will the TV experience look like in the future?

Any/every screen will be the connection to the consumer.  It is not about “TV”.  It’s about content.  The experiences will get deeper and deeper.

About the Author

Theresa Pepe, a media research professional, has managed multiple networks’ research initiatives that focus on cross-platform strategies, putting together research that blends the social media landscape with viewing habits to help better target consumers. In a cluttered environment where planners have a plethora of options, Theresa has spearheaded networks’ efforts to provide specific working information that clearly positions and differentiates networks from competitors, while analyzing options for metrics and the issues shaping audience measurement as the media community continuously transitions to digital broadcasting.

Her strong industry background includes Vice President of Research for Turner Broadcasting's Young Adults Group, Vice President of Research at Current TV, and Director of Research at A&E and The History Channel where she produced and published AETN’s  Media Planning Guide, which combines the traditional media buy with a profile about the consumer who is most likely to buy a certain product with what kind of program they watch.  She served as Senior Research Department Head at MTV Networks overseeing research for the positioning for Nickelodeon, Nick-at-Nite, TV Land and Spike. Prior to MTV, she was part of CNN Marketing Services/Turner Broadcasting Sales where she produced marketing and research materials to support Turner Broadcasting national sales offices.

She received a B.A. in TV and Radio from City University of New York, Brooklyn College, where she also received a Master of Business Science in TV Programming and Management.  She is an active member of various trade groups as well as a contributing writer for and the TV Board.

She resides in Old Bridge, New Jersey with her 8 year old son Giovanni.

Valerie M. Russo Evans

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