Live from #MediaInsight: WALK your TALK, (authenticity is key)

riCardo|crespo, Chief Creative Officer, TH13TEEN, kicked off the inaugural Media Insights & Engagement Conference with a discussion on Authenticity and how much it matters.

Distinguish the Thinsights from the Real Insights: Milk does the body good vs many people dont eat w/o washing it down with a glass of milk

The consumer has a finite attention that's an insight you need to leverage. Exceptional brands show you, demonstrate, show you why they are exceptional - behave as a brand.

Your default is your DNA, it's your culture, your influence, your instinct and it needs to flow throughout everything you do, your UI, your products, your campaigns.

Be frenetic, it's okay, it's progress. Understand that erraticness is differently, it's all over the place. It also goes backwards and regresses. Be adaptable and resonate.

Operate with purpose, why are you doing what you do, why should people care, understand your audience.

Your purpose is a collective of your audience's perceptions and expectations validated by the desired experience.

What's is your promise as a brand, individual, corporation?

Branding = Promise
Marketing = Strategy (what you need to do)
Advertising = Execution

It's a process but many times there is a focus on only one of these.

Consumers want:
Attract me
Engage me
Enable me

4 Stages of Interaction:
Default [dna]

People are not going to remember the best experience they had with you, it's human nature to remember the one bad one so be consistently good.


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