Live from #MediaInsight: Social@Large: Will Tracking, Analyzing and Surveying Lead to Social Monetization?

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Nathalie Bordes, Senior Director Sports & Emerging Platforms Research, ESPN, told us today that Sports is Social. Nothing drives social  TV conversations like sports.

In 2013, social conversations around TV sports grew 37%. At ESPN they had 800 social media personas to maintain.

ESPN Social Media Stakeholders

Research &Analytics, Brand, Product and Ad Sales teams all needed a seat at the social media round-table:
  • Track, monitor, examine
    • total social footprint
    • by account
    • share of voice
  • Analyze traffic across 
  • asess which metrics are relevant
  • Historical data as well as real-time for each account
Solution Needs
  • Track and store data, competitive posts
  • Allows "real-time" analytics across media platforms
  • Has custom and automated reporting capabilties for custom, monthly, daily, hourly intervals
Social Reporting Platform Pilots

Can this solution digest, store, and analyze social "raw" data for one or multiple platforms?

  • Provide a consistent data stream?
  • historical data dumps
  • recreate exisiting reports in an efficient way?

Started off with Twitter and Facebook using data resellers GNIP and Datasift, storage in Hadoop, then platfora visualized the data.

The vendors collect, filter and enrich the social data streams: FB public API for 30 pages and 1,200 Twitter handles.

IT infrastructure and personnel
legal and procurement support

Challenges for ESPN:


  • social media platform restrictions
  • data outages
  • data inconsistencies
  • historical data structure


  • Lack of metric definitions
  • data verification
Pilot data collected:

71 Million tweets
2.2 Million Facebook Posts

Retweets show share of voice - how relevantly you are communicating with your fans.

Monetization comes from driving social fans to your website, to your product.

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