Live from #MediaInsight: Women + Mobile: The Unbreakable Bond

Caryn Klein, VP, Research & Insights, TIME INC.

There is an incredibly strong relationship between women and their mobile devices today.  88% of women say that their mobile device "keeps me in-the-know."  It's truly an addiction for many women, more so than is the case with men.  

Down time becomes now time - texting, social media, and online shopping have filled the gaps for women and essentially eliminated any down time that previously existed.  

Pinterest and Instagram have become vehicles for personal expression and inspiration.  

Online shopping has become a game for many women.  She's looking for coupons, making shopping lists, doing her research - and it's NOT work for her.  

Rules of engagement for women and ads:

1. Ask her permission
2. Share her interests
3. Look your best
4. Engage her in conversation: ads should be a two-way interaction - a relationship

Rewarding women for interacting with ads is huge - if you can make her a part of the message, you can break through.

Key insights:

1. It's an unbreakable bond between women and devices - don't butt in, but make content relevant and real

2. Down time becomes now time.  There's more opportunity to reach women, but consider when, where, and how

3. Amplifying her voice.  She's creating her own brand image, and can be an ambassador for yours

4. She's using her device through every step of mobile shopping.  Knowing when, where, and how can make all the difference to your marketing strategy 

5. Mobile ads are tricky - don't intrude, but do bring her into the conversation.  


Ben Proctor is Insights Strategist at Miner & Co. Studio, a New York-based consultancy

Ben Proctor

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