Live from #MediaInsight: Second Screens: Building Show and Advertising Engagement

Kimberly Maxwell, Senior Director Strategic Insights Research, VIACOM ENTERTAINMENT GROUP explains how second screens can enhance engagement 

We live in a multi-screen nation - 4.4 hours of daily leisure time is spent in front of screens.

There's no greater time to be a TV fan - 2013 had the most hit TV shows ever, and there are more ways to access content than ever before. 

Second screens "aren't competing...they're completing the experience."

70% of the total population uses a second screen while watching TV - and 40% engage with a TV show AND use second screens when viewing TV.  

Phases of second screen usage:
1.0 - the original emergence of social media
2.0 - apps give us new ways to consume TV content
3.0 - this is where we're heading - custom apps that provide a curated experience, such as the Little Mermaid iPad app that accompanied the theatrical release

Second screens are now feeding anticipation.  Networks can use social media and digital platforms to keep people engaged, even during the off-season.  

Engaging shows can enhance the high with second screen experiences.  Here viewers aren't distracted by second screens, but are using them to follow what others are saying, play games, look up background information, etc.  

Engaged second screen users are 3.5 times more likely to say that they "feel more excited about the show I'm watching."  They are more connected, and pay more attention while watching TV.  These viewers are also more apt to feel positive about brands that sponsor quality programming, and to seek products they saw in/advertised on their favorite shows.  

For advertisers: give consumers content to extend the high, create custom experiences, and own the space with complementary ads - ads that match the content of the the show itself in terms of theme, style, etc.    


Ben Proctor is Insights Strategist at Miner & Co. Studio, a New York-based consultancy

Ben Proctor

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