Building on Community 2.0

These past few days we have delivered a day-by-day playbook on Community 2.0, gathering insights from the event and around the web. Now that the Community 2.0 Conference has come to an end, here are a couple of more resources and post/pre reactions from the c2.0 event that you might find valuable even if you weren’t able to attend the event.

Francois Gossieaux has this post on the Beeline Labs blog on his observations of the event from his opening workshop on Monday.

Dawn Foster from the Fast Wonder Blog, shares her notes on the conference on these posts:

Chris Messina on DiSo at Community 2.0

Jeska Dzwigalski on Second Life at Community 2.0

Shel Israel at Community 2.0

KD Paine’s post on the KDPaine’s PR Measurement Blog:

What a difference a year makes in social media

Janet Lee Johnson’s post:

Blown Away by ChocoNancy (@NancyWhite)

This post on Joho the Blog!

Conversational business

The Otter Group’s post:

Community 2.0 Boot Camp: Social Media Playbook

Kevin O’ Keefe’s post on Lexblog: Real Lawyers Have Blogs:

Presenting at Community 2.0 in Las Vegas on Wednesday

This article on the Online Community Report:

OpenID: What will it take to make it mainstream?

Tony Hsieh, CEO of, has uploaded this presentation from the conference on on the importance of “building a brand”.

As always we’ll be posting regular updates as we come across them, but feel free to share any observations/thoughts that might have struck you on the c2.0 event.


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