Community: 'It’s nothing to do with technology'

Shel Israel has the floor at the start of Day Two of the Community 2.0 Conference, and he has plenty of stories to tell.

Chinese entrepreneur Isaac Mao

Shel has traveled to five continents and 32 countries over the last year, talking with people who are passionate about social media as part of a global survey for SAP. His interviewees have included a blogger, Laurel Papworth, who watches how Saudi women on social networks; an Egyptian human rights activist, Wael Abbas, who risks his life to chronicle police brutality in his country; and a Chinese entrepreneur, Isaac Mao (pictured above), whose every online moved is monitored by the authorities.

And what have those conversations taught Shel? That community has "nothing to do with technology. We're hot-wired ... We are community-oriented people."

Link: Shel's SAP Global Survey interviews.

(Flickr photo by Joi)

Bryan Person

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