How to Set Goals for Your Community

In a recent post at the Communiteer, they post about the essential task of setting goals in order to grow your community.

1. Choose one or two areas to focus on -- Communiteer focuses on setting goals that are narrow. With a slim focus, the amount of work is not overwhelming.

2. Write effective goals – Make sure your goals have the ability to be measured and that they can be judged in a certain time frame. Not how to reach your goal, but when you’re going to reach it.

3. Plan how to reach your goals -- How will you achieve your end result in a given time period? It’s about how you get there, not the result in the end.

4. Check progress regularly but not too regularly – See how you’re doing from time to time, but not too regularly. Remember that as you check your results, they’re from week to week, but you’re looking at the overall picture.


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