Chipolte Reaches out to Customers Through Blogs

Recently, in a San Diego Chipotle, there was an outbreak of Hepatitis A. The restaurant in La Mesa, California has seen 18 cases, according to this article here at

Mitch Wagner, a blogger at Business Week, took to his personal blog and explained the situation. So, when he received a reply to his post about this hepatitis A breakout from a Chipotle employee, he began to enquire as to their social media approach to winning back the faith of the fans. The Business Week blog article can be found here.

Joe Stupp, a manager in Customer Services, started finding blogs of those people who had written about their perceptions on the Hepatitis A cases. He responded to them individually through the comments. His care for his company came out in this particular email:

But in this particular instance, we were concerned about local perceptions, and we wanted to try to disseminate as much of the information we know that we can to hopefully help folks feel a little safer about visiting our restaurant.

As Joe has taken the time to reach out to the community of Chipotle customers at that location, he reached out to them through a means that they affiliated with. It’s another case of a company taking the time to communicate with the customer on their level. This is a great example of a company using social media.


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