Giving Back Through Social Networks

Social networks like Facebook and MySpace have made billions throughout the years from advertisements and separate ventures, but when have you ever heard the phrase “Facebook has donated” or “MySpace has given back to the community” ever within the past couple of years?

There is a growing trend of non-profit social media organizations that are combining doing good with a good business sense. This post on VentureBeat shares an example of how Kiva has embraced the power of communities to help fund business projects for underprivileged entrepreneurs in developing countries. Entrepreneurs have long been using the internet for years, but with the rise of Web 2.0 technologies, social networking can serve as a community where improvements and positive changes begin.

Kiva though is not the only company taking advantage of harnessing the power of social media to make a positive impact. Kenneth Cole launched his AWEARNESS blog where he addresses major social issues like social rights, hard times, well-being, and political landscapes. Ethos Water has also used social media to help empower the global community to alleviate the world water crisis in developing countries in Africa. .

Businesses are finally seeing the amount of good that can be done through the power of collaborative communities. Social networks can provide a backbone for a multitude of individuals to come across each other and address various social issues affecting the world today. What are some other examples of organizations that have used social networks to create positive change? When will other businesses join in?


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