From information to conversation

Here are just some of the gems from David Weinberger's keynote, The Information Revolution that Wasn't and the One that Will Be: How the New Dimensions of Information are Transforming Business ... and Life (yes, that's the actual title!):
  • Community is a group of people “listening more than they have to.”

  • “We don’t often get to invent new ways of talking to each other,” as we’ve being doing the past 10 years.

  • “Don’t underestimate the subversive power of conversation.”

  • We are coming out of the Age of Information and coming into Age of Conversation.

  • The system that works well in the physical world doesn’t work in the online world.

  • "Of course we’d rather talk to each other than listen to a bunch of blowhards up on the stage.”

  • “Control doesn’t scale very well”

  • Thanks to tagging, “users are in control of the organization of stuff.”

  • "We will fill every space with conversation … We are an insanely social species."

  • "Conversations are smarter than the individual people having them."

  • "Knowledge is not in our heads … it is between us."

Bryan Person

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